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FREEDOM RUN® is a unique system of cross­‐platform applications designed to help 8th grade Social Studies students improve their performance on the Standardized Texas test, the STAAR test.


All material is completely correlated with the TEKS. It was created specifically to strengthen students' mastery on the Social Studies TEKS. All materials are fully bilingual (English and Spanish) and students can move between the two languages throughout the program easily.  This program consists of various tools including

three cross-platform apps, video clips for each lesson, teacher's guide, and general materials.

The program has a Track Module which allows teachers to send customized practices, exams, benchmarks as test prep material to students, based on specific TEKS or areas that need reinforcement.


The applications can be used on Mac, Windows PC as well as Ipad and Android devices. 


FREEDOM RUN® has three applications:

App 1 (introductory lessons), app 2 (70 lessons), and the track module (allows teachers great options in tracking students' progress).

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